Jardins de l’Empordà

This room is named after the botanical garden on the estate, created in the seventies by the German landscape architect Helga Kurrle. From the window and the terrace you can admire the center garden and the landscape perspective with the fields and the surrounding mountains.

Vinyes de l’Empordà

This room takes its name from the vineyards that, along with the botanical garden and the wine cellar, the Celler Mas Patiràs, make up the property.

El meu petit país

This room is located in the tower that overlooks the farmhouse. From the living room and the large terrace you can admire not only the botanical garden and the vineyards, but also the churches and surrounding villages. The mountain and the Montgrí castle stand out, as well as the Àngels sanctuary, the Gavarres and, on clear days, the eastern Pyrenees, presided over by the Canigó. The name is borrowed from the song by the singer-songwriter Lluís Llach.

Ull de tramuntana

Oriented to the north, from this room, as from the previous one, you can observe a singular meteorological phenomenon: just a few hours before the tramontana blows, the most characteristic wind of the Empordà, its arrival is announced with a reddish tint, lilac and yellowish that dye the northern horizon of the sky: the ull de tramuntana (tramontana’s eye).

La vida mòlta

Aquest nom es pren de l’obra homònima de l’escriptora Víctor Català (pseudònim de Caterina Albert). Volem expressar a l’ empordanesa l’equilibri entre el treball seriós i el saber gaudir dels plaers de la vida.

La sagrera del mas

This room takes its name in tribute to the great-grandfather of the owners, who used to be called Sagrera, and he owned the nearby land (called sagrera) of the Sant Andreu church, in Ullastret , today Iberian ruins. Tthe most precious products (wine, oil, grain…) were stored in the sagreras anb cellars of the medieval churches. In this room there was the old pot of coins and, being the warmest of the house, for its south orientation and for the chimney, here the little ones slept.

La verema

September and October are the months of the harvest of grapes ("verema"). The whole year of effort in the cultivation of the vineyards culminates with the harvesting of the grapes and the elaboration of the wine, which demands work, patience, technique, a good agrarian and enological practice, and a little art. As the vintage works, which bring together the whole family, this room allows to incorporate two more beds for people nearby.

Records de criança

The time that the wine has been in boot, which varies according to the demands of each vintage, permeates in its taste the records de criança (memories of breeding). This name also serves to designate this family room, which has the possibility of accommodating up to two extra beds.